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CBM Management

In compliance with the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) and national regulations, conventional buoy mooring (CBM) systems are necessary to provide ships with safe mooring points where quay walls are unavailable in port. To ensure bilateral stability while moored, a CBM system consisting of multiple buoys arranged in a rectangular configuration is required along the River Gambia.

Managing the CBM system can be challenging due to the complexity of equipment and expertise involved. Owl Surveillance Services provides CBM management services that ensure compliance with SOLAS and national regulations, and the safety of merchant ships. We ensure that the pipelines within the CBM area are well arranged during and after operations to safeguard the integrity of the lines.

Our certified Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) possess extensive knowledge in conducting comprehensive assessments of port facilities and ensuring the development, maintenance, and regular inspection of facilities. We undertake the responsibility to recommend and incorporate appropriate components as defined in section A/17.2 of the ISPS Code, and provide regular updates to the Port Facility Security Plan as required or recommended by the PFSO and the Designated Authority (D/A).

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