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Quality Control Services

Quality control issues are a rising challenge in the oil and gas industry as a good number of end users often raise concerns about the quality of hydrocarbons in the downstream market. 

Maintaining the quality of petroleum products at all times is key in the petroleum business. Oftentimes, accidental product adulteration occurs at retail and commercial sites on certain occasions in the downstream during transfers. This causes product contamination that could be detrimental to end users' equipment.

Owl surveillance is equipped to provide quality control support to determine non-conformance in the characteristics of refined petroleum products and recommends process improvement. Condensation (water vapour becomes liquid) occurs in almost every service tank, water that collects as droplets on the cold surfaces of tanks sits at the tank bottom and gradually increases over a period of time. This can affect measurements in the tanks and product quality. Our services include freeing water/sludge from tank bottoms at retail and bulk sites.

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