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Welcome to Owl Surveillance Services

Risk reporting and decision-making are typically based on balances and inspection reports in the systems of records (SOR). If the balances and inspection reports in the system aren’t accurate, decisions may be made based on incorrect data. As a result, the financial impact on an organization due to inaccurate inventory positions and equipment failures can be significant.


Owl surveillance Services is the leading choice in logistics and surveillance services; we provide services primarily in the oil and gas industry. We provide third-party representation and make available to our clients the support needed to overcome compliance challenges by guiding them in the implementation of national and international standards such as ISO, NFPA, and API standards.


Our team consists of seasoned experts in the oil and gas industry with the expertise required to guide our clients in maintaining industry standards and procedures.

Our sole objective is to safeguard the interest of our clients by stitching together the bewildering challenges in the following areas:

Cargo discharging.

Inventory control Services

Quality Control Services

Equipment Inspection & Calibration

Technical Consulting & Auditing

CBM Management Services

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