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Our Services


Cargo Custody Transfer

Are you a cargo owner, receiver, or insurer?

Our experienced cargo surveyors are trained to verify the specifications of the products on board vessels and in storage tanks


Inventory Stock Management

Owl Surveillance Services provides lasting solutions to the challenges in inventory control problems. We understand how to stitch together the many variables and moving pieces 


Quality Control Services

Quality control issues are a rising challenge in the oil and gas industry as a good number of end users often raise concerns about the quality of hydrocarbons in the downstream market. 


Equipment Inspection & Calibration

Owl Surveillance Services provides calibration and inspection services to determine whether each piece of equipment specified in the maintenance order meets the predefined performance specifications


Technical Consulting & Auditing

Owl Surveillance provides auditing and consulting services to complex industrial facility needs. We provide guidance in adapting policies and procedures in accordance with current codes and acceptable industry standards. 


CBM Management

Owl Surveillance Service provides CBM management services in compliance with the requirements of the international convention for the safety of life at sea (SOLAS), and the National regulations

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